Concussion Kit

Re: Montreal Children's Hospital Concussion KiT now available on-line
The Montreal Children’s Hospital Concussion KiT was developed through the work of the Neurotrauma and Concussion/Return to Sports Programs as an educational initiative to increase the awareness of parents, athletes, coaches and sporting associations with respect to preventing, recognizing and managing concussions in sports. We are pleased to provide you with our Concussion Kit developed in 2007.
To read more about this KiT and to access the documents, go to:

This Concussion KiT contains:

  • A concussion guide for coaches, parents and the public at large
  • A coach’s concussion pocket card for quick reference
  • A guide for athletes
  • Sport specific return to play guidelines for rugby, basketball, hockey, football, soccer and sports (non-contact)  
  • Acknowledgements and references

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