Kick Off Cup Update

The WRSL Board confirm that the 2018 WRSL Kick Off Cup Event will be completed.
All qualifying and third round games will be doubled up with the next league game you have against the appropriate opponent. All but one of these games can be handled in this fashion.
This will provide a full slate for the Semi-Finals and Finals that will take place on September 8, 2018. The location of these games on September 8, 2018 will be in Strathroy at the York Street Complex and the Cuddy Fields.
U17 & U18 Girls will play as much as possible through to the finals during the seasonal play due to time restrains.
In the event your league game ends in a tie the match officials will direct penalty kicks from the spot to determine the winner of the game for KOC purposes only. If you neglect to have a winner decided at the league game then the league will flip a coin to determine who moves on.
Please check your upcoming schedule along with the tables on the WRSL Home Page under KOC Results to determine the appropriate game.
In the event your team is successful in moving ahead into the Semi Finals and the Finals of the KOC and also have moved ahead in the Ontario Cup being played the same weekend, the appropriate age group will be held the following weekend.


Division Team A Score vs. Score Team B Date Location
U15 Girls London Youth Whitecaps 5 vs. 1   Waterloo United 2018-07-03 Waterloo
U15 Boys London Youth Whitecaps 7 vs. 0   Waterloo United WS 2018-07-03 London
U15 Girls St. Thomas Sting 1 vs. 5   Byron Blazers 2018-07-04 St. Thomas
U14 Boys Waterloo United
 7  vs. 0
  Guelph Jr. Gryphons Red
 2018-07-04  Waterloo
U17 Girls Cambridge United 1 vs. 5   Nor West Lightning 2018-07-04 London
U18 Girls Soo City United 0 vs. 1   Eastside Kickers 2018-07-07 Sault Ste. Marie
U18 Girls Sarnia Spirit 3 vs. 0   Stratford Strikers 2018-07-08 Stratford
U14 Boys Woodstock Stallions  0  vs. 7
Cambridge United  2018-07-10  Woodstock
U18 Girls
Waterloo United
 2 PK
 1   Sarnia Spirit
2018-07-12 Waterloo
U14 Boys Kitchener Spirit Academy
 0   Windsor TFC
2018-07-14 Kitchener
U14 Girls Rockwood FC 1 PK
2   London United Gryphons 2018-07-15 Rockwood
U15 Boys Kitchener Spirit A 1 vs. 5   London Oakridge Thunder 2018-07-17 Kitchener
U18 Girls Eastside Kickers  1  vs.  0   London Marconi Royals
2018-07-18 Windsor
U15 Boys Orangeville Storm 0 vs. 2   Cambridge United 2018-07-19 Cambridge
U13 Girls London Youth Whitecaps 1 vs. 2   Waterloo United 2018-07-20 London
U18 Girls Eastside Kickers
3 Final
 1   Waterloo United 2018-07-22 Windsor
U15 Boys Windsor FC Nationals 0 vs. 3   Waterloo United RM 2018-07-22 Waterloo
U14 Girls Kitchener Spirit A 2 PK
  Guelph Gryphons Red 2018-07-26 Guelph
U16 Girls Eastside Kickers 1 vs. 1   London Marconi Strikers 2018-07-27 London
U13 Boys Kitchener Spirit A 0 vs. 3   Guelph Gryphons Red 2018-07-27 Kitchener
U17 Girls
London Youth Whitecaps
 2  vs.  1   Eastside Kickers
2018-07-28  London
U14 Girls London Youth Whitecaps 1 vs. 0   Waterloo United 2018-07-30 London
U15 Girls Kitchener Spirit A 9 vs. 0   Puslinch Predators 2018-07-31 Kitchener
U17 Girls
Woolwich Wolfpack
 3  vs.  1   Nor West Lightning
2018-08-07 London
U16 Girls Sarnia Spirit 1 vs. 0   London Youth Whitecaps 2018-08-08 London
U16 Girls Chatham Strikers 3 vs. 0   Oakridge Dynamo 2018-08-08 Chatham
U15 Girls Eastside Kickers 5 vs. 7   Guelph Gryphons Red 2018-08-12 Windsor
U13 Boys Nor West 1 vs. 0   Waterloo United 2018-08-15 London
U13 Girls Woodstock Strikers 8 vs. 1   Cambridge United 2018-08-19 Woodstock
U13 Girls Kitchener Spirit A 2 vs. 0   Oakridge Dynamite 2018-08-24 Kitchener
U13 Boys London Youth Whitecaps 2 vs. 0   Cambridge United 2018-08-24 London



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