U13 Retreat Line

Retreat Line

In the 2017 WOISL Rules & Regulations the Retreat Line in Section 5.7 reads as follows:

7. Retreat line: The retreat line is at the 1/3 mark and the other players must wait until the keeper kicks the ball before they can attack the team with the ball. This only applies to Goal Kicks and Free Kicks from within the Defensive Penalty Area.

In the OPDL wording it reads as follows:

i. A retreat Line is draw 15 metres beyond the top of the penalty area and will either be marked with different colour paint or with cones on either side of the field.

ii. On goal kicks ONLY, the opposing team must position all the players behind this line. 

iii. The opposition is allowed to cross over this line once the ball has been released from the goalkeeper's foot. 

The current wording will remain the same for 2017 but may be updated if there is any confusion.



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