2019 Fees

Team entry fee $600
Club bond $300

Payment Due Date:
Membership fees are payable to League on or before January 15th of each year.
Please mail your cheque with your application form to the WRSL Treasurer..


Late Registration Fee:
A late registration fee of $600 will be required for all teams who pay their league membership fees after January 15th of the appropriate year.

2. Discipline Fees:

First Game No Show by Team (Rule 7.5) $300
Second Game No Show by Team (Rule 7.5)  $500

Any team missing a second game will be removed from the League and all games played will be null & void. 

Discipline fees must be payable to WRSL within 21 days.


Club/Team Official Admin fee:                                   $75

Game Protest Fee:                                                      $250
Hearing Fees: 

Request of Discipline by Hearing (Player)  $50                     
Request of Hearing for No Show *(Player)  $75
Request to reschedule a Hearing $75



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