1. Management

1. The affairs of the League will be conducted by the Board of Directors.


2. Code of Conduct

1. Administrators and Team Officials must conduct themselves in such a manner as to set an example when followed, would enable every player to be a credit to the game.

2. Clubs are responsible for teams registered in WRSL. Teams, players or officials contravening rules and regulations will be subject to discipline.

3. The proposed playing schedule will be as follows if Clubs makes fields available.


Monday:                                  U14,                                   

Tuesday:                                  U15, U18                                              

Wednesday:                             U16, U21                                                

Thursday:                                U17                                        

Friday:                                     As Necessary

Saturday:                                 As Necessary            

Sunday:                                   As Necessary            

The only exception will be for extreme long distance travel. These games will be scheduled on the weekends at the discretion of the League (150 km or more). 


3. League Fees          

1. The WRSL Board will determine the annual League fees prior to the AGM.

2. For League fee structure, see Appendix “A”.


4. Team Registration

1. All team registrations must be received by January 31st. All registrations are due with Entry fees as per Appendix “A”.  

2. Each U14 to U18 team may register a maximum of 20 players. Each U21 team may register a maximum of 25 players. Game day roster and maximum number of players permitted on the bench in all divisions is 18 players.

3. Each team must add the respective team officials to the web site and the League will remove a team official upon request. Each Club must make the appropriate changes to the Club section of the website.

4. A minimum of eleven (11) players must be registered by April 1st of each year.

5. Each team must play in its own age level unless otherwise approved by the League Board of Directors and it must comply with ONTARIO SOCCER Policies and Procedures.

6. Provincial Registered Players can play up in WRSL League games to a limit of four games per season. There are no restrictions on the number of times a Regional Registered Player or a District Registered Player can play up in WRSL League games.

7. Each team is allowed a maximum of three non-roster (guest) players for any one game.  This is any player not registered to your team.

8. Any of these three non-roster players can be underage in the U18- U21 Division.

Underage: A player that turns 17 years of age or younger in the calendar year of the current season.


5. Team Regulations

1. All players registered on a team will be so in accordance with the League Constitution and Rules and Regulations and any procedures of the District Association with which they are affiliated.

2. All players on a team must be in possession of a current and valid Ontario Soccer ID to be eligible to play.  (Current valid Ontario Soccer ID must bear the players signature and district association approval) The current valid Ontario Soccer ID must be checked by the opposing team official(s) fifteen (15) minutes prior to the kick-off. If Player(s) are not in possession of or are unable to present their current valid Ontario Soccer ID, the Player is not eligible to play. Where an Ontario Soccer ID or a Player arrives late, the player will be allowed to play upon presentation of his current valid Ontario Soccer ID to the opposing team official. Valid Ontario Soccer ID will be a book stamped by the registering District for the current playing season or an Ontario Soccer player's card accompanied with a team roster stamped by the registering District for the current playing season.  

3. Teams who are participating in the WRSL will abide by Ontario Soccer Policies and Procedures regarding players except as noted in WRSL Rules and Regulations.

4. The WRSL team roster must be entered onto the league web site prior to each team’s first KOC game. Changes to the team roster must be reported prior to each team’s next League game. No changes to the WRSL Roster will be permitted after July 31. 

5. If no current valid Ontario Soccer ID’s are available for entire team, the game will not be played and the team will lose the game by default and will be fined as per Appendix A.

6. Teams from the same club playing in the same division may not interchange players.

7. U18-U21 teams will be allowed to register three (3) underage players.

    Underage: A player that turns 17 years of age or younger in the calendar year of the current season.

8. Notwithstanding Section 5.7 where a U18 registered team in the U18-U21Division has more than 3 underage players registered in the previous outdoor season. They will be allowed to register up to the number of underage players they had in the previous year. A copy of the AIMS roster from the previous year will have to be attached to the WRSL Team Registration Application.


6. Team Officials

Any team official that does not comply with Rules 6.3 to 6.5 will be fined as per Appendix “A”.

1. All Team Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must have taken the Soccer for Life Course, Respect in Sport (RIS), Making Head Way in Soccer (MHW) and Making Ethical Decisions (MED). All Team Managers must have Respect in Sport (RIS) and Making Ethical Decisions (MED).

2. A maximum of four (4) carded officials shall be permitted to sit on the bench.

3. All Team Officials must be registered with their District Association and their current valid Ontario Soccer ID must be presented to the opposing coach and referee before the start of the game. If the current valid Ontario Soccer ID is not available the Official(s) Name will not be entered on the game sheet and the official(s) will not be allowed to sit on the player bench. A Team Official arriving late will be allowed to sit on player’s bench upon presentation of their current valid Ontario Soccer ID to the opposing coach and referee and name entered, and signed on game sheet. A team official is deemed to have attended a game where their name is printed and signed on the game sheet.

4. Team Officials will not be allowed to smoke while coaching their teams.

5. “Team Official” shall mean Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager or Assistant Manager who will be registered and carded by district association.


7. Team Responsibility  

Any Team not complying with Rules 7.1 to 7.10 will be fined as per Appendix “A”  


1. Anyone on the bench entering the field of play without consent of the Referee during an altercation will be subject to disciplinary action depending on League Discipline Committee findings.

2. Teams failing to comply with League Rules and Regulations are subject to fines and/or disciplinary action. Club Officials will be notified in writing accompanied by an invoice of any fines levied and/or disciplinary action.

3. Team officials will coach within one meter of their bench and are not permitted to walk up and down the sideline or obstruct and/or obscure the view of the assistant referee.

4. A team must field at least seven (7) registered players for a game and if not, disciplinary action shall be taken.

5. If any team fails to appear at a scheduled League game or Kick Off Cup game, they shall be fined as per Appendix “A” and the team will forfeit the game. Fines must be paid within 21 days of notice.

6. Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, officials, and spectators on and off the field of play during a game scheduled by the League.

7. A maximum of eighteen (18) registered players may sit on the bench. All players entered on the game sheet, are deemed to have played. (Players under suspension shall not be entered on the game sheet and will not be at Player’s Bench.)

8. Any Coach and/or team official withdrawing a Team from a game will be subject to disciplinary action.

9. Both team officials must report the game result by 11:59 PM of the day following the game. If not reported within the period of time stipulated, the club will be fined as per Appendix A.

10. Player substitution shall be permitted with the consent of the referee during a stoppage of play for the following:

Goal Kick

Scoring of a goal

Teams’ own throw-in and opposing team’s throw-in if opposing team makes a substitution

Injury of a player


Start of an Over-Time Period or at half time of an Over-Time Period

11. Additional requirements when substituting a player:

No Substitution Is Allowed for Any Player(s) Ejected

All Substitutions must enter at the field at the halfway line.                     

All substituted players must leave the field without delay


8. Home Club Responsibility

1. Home clubs will be responsible for the provision of:

Field Markings

Goal Nets

Corner Flags

Two properly inflated game balls

Change Rooms (If Available)

Field Lights (When Required)


9. Uniforms

1. All players shall wear regulation soccer equipment as outlined by FIFA and Ontario Soccer Rules.

2. All Teams must play all their WRSL games in their primary registered team colors.

3. All Players, including goalies, must be identified by a different number, minimum size 6” on the back of their shirt and such number will be recorded against the players’ name on the game sheet. All numbers must be legible

4. The away team shall change to an alternate strip if team colors conflict.

5. Goalkeepers’ uniforms must not conflict with that of the game officials or opposing team.


10. Match Officials  

1. The home team is responsible for the payment of game officials in cash, fifteen (15) minutes prior to kick off.

2. All games will be assigned three officials, the game official and two assistant officials.

3. Game Officials Fee Schedule & Half Game Fee details; see Appendix “B”.

4. The League or its designate will assign registered officials to games.

5. All Referees must have obtained their appropriate grade level and assigned as per Ontario Soccer Game assigning protocol.

6. Officiating complaints will only be acknowledged if received in writing by the League. Progress report will be sent within 21 days. For cases of alleged violence, assaults and brawls the WRSL shall conduct a hearing as per Ontario Soccer Operating Procedures. (Complaints received at the league office are sent to the district association in which the referee is registered for review. The league is not authorized to discipline referees.) 

7. The game official is responsible for providing the teams with the completed game sheets within 15 minutes of the end of the game and for mailing game sheets to the League within forty-eight (48) hours of a game being completed. All non-compliance will be reported to their district association for disciplinary action.

8. All discipline reports must be submitted along with the game sheet within forty-eight (48) hours of game completion to the WRSL office by the Referee or Assistant Referee. Match Official Assaults must be reported within forty-eight hours, but you have seven days to submit the actual report. 

9. All game officials must sign all game sheets. All non-compliance will be reported to their district association for disciplinary action.


11. Game Start Time

1. The match official will endeavor to start each game at the scheduled time designated by the League. An allowance of not more than fifteen (15) minutes from the scheduled time shall be made if either team has less than seven (7) players in attendance.

2. Weekday games must commence no earlier than 6:30 p.m. and no later than 9:00 p.m. if the field is available. Only the League can assign other times at their discretion or as required. 

3. Weekend games must commence no earlier than 10:00 a.m. and no later than 3:00 p.m. if the field is available. Only the League can assign other times at their discretion or as required.  

4. Games cannot be scheduled or played within the same calendar day.


12. Game Duration

1. The length of games will be:      

U-14: Four (4) 20 minute quarters.

U-15: Two (2) forty-five (45) minute halves

U-16: Two (2) forty-five (45) minute halves

U-17: Two (2) forty-five (45) minute halves

U-18: Two (2) forty-five (45) minute halves

U-21: Two (2) forty-five (45) minute halves


13. Game Sheets             

1. Official game sheets must be completed by the teams in full and given to the Referee fifteen (15) minutes prior to kick-off.   

2. All players and team officials must be identified on the game sheet. All names and Ontario Soccer registrant numbers must be legible at all times. All non-rostered players, (guest players and players on permits, any player not registered to your team) must be clearly indicated on game sheet. Suspended Player(s) will be automatically listed in the respective area on the game sheet.

3. Only players listed on the game sheet are eligible to play and all are deemed to have played. A team official(s) must sign all team sheets; the signature shall verify the eligibility of players on his team.

4. Players are not required to sign the game sheet.

5. Completed game sheets accompanied by any Disciplinary Reports, Trial Permits or Temporary Registration Permits must be mailed to the League office by the game official within forty-eight (48) hours of the final whistle. Non-compliance will be reported to their district association for disciplinary action.

6. Teams using players on a Temporary Registration Permit or Trial Permit must submit the authorized signed copy with the game sheet.  WRSL and Ontario Soccer Policies and Procedures will govern all players playing for teams under Rule 13.6. Subject to fine amounts as per Appendix “A”.


14. Cancellation of Games

1. The game shall begin and/or continue to be played unless, in the opinion of the referee, the safety of the players and/or the quality of the field is in jeopardy.

2. The game will be replayed in full if less than 75% of the game has been played, after which time the results of the match at the time of the stoppage shall stand. The referee shall be the sole judge of time elapsed and this must be recorded on both sets of game sheets. In the event the game has not reached the 75% mark and both coaches are in agreement that the game should stand as played, it will be recorded as such. 

3. When Fields are closed due to weather conditions, the league will notify affected teams of any cancellations as soon as notification has been received in the league office. Rules for rescheduling will be used when rescheduling games.


15. Scheduling & Rescheduling of Games        

1. The League Conveners must approve all changes made after the final schedule is completed. No game will be postponed or rescheduled unless the respective Convener has received a Game Change request as submitted through the E2E website.

2. The two coaches or their designates must agree upon a new time, date and location before submitting a Game Change Request on the web site. The coach or designate who submits the original request must indicate which team is requesting the change.

The second coach or designate will confirm the new time, date and location on the web site. Once confirmed, these entries will complete a database for the appropriate Convener to review and authorization. Once confirmed by the Convener, an email will be processed to both teams advising of the approved change. This entry will also update the League Schedule.  

3. The Game Change Function is meant for changes to fixtures greater than five days. Any change required within this time frame must be called into the Division Convener for authorization and entry of the game change. 

4. ALL authorized game changes made after May 31 will cost the requesting team as per Appendix “A”.

5. Game cancellations as noted in Rule 14. The two coaches must submit entry into the WRSL score system as a cancellation. The two coaches will then reschedule this cancelled game using section 15.2 as noted above.

6. The rescheduling of any postponed game or any game being removed from the original or agreed schedule must be submitted within five days of the identified game. Failure to provide the required information will result in the game being rescheduled by the League with both teams being charged an administrative fee as per Appendix "A". 

7. Weather and Field related problems will not incur the Game Change Fee as per Appendix “A”.

8.  All games scheduled by the League to be completed by the end of August, where possible. Rescheduled games must be completed by the 14th day of September, unless stipulated and approved by the League.

9. Unless twenty-four (24) hours prior notice is given to the visiting team, only the referee can determine if unplayable conditions exist. Should a private club or City Parks and Recreation determine that unplayable conditions exist within less than twenty-four (24) hours’ notice the postponed game will be rescheduled.

10. League games scheduled within 48 hours prior to an Ontario Cup game may be rescheduled.

11. It is the responsibility of the Clubs to notify the League and the opposing team of any Ontario Cup conflicts. Failure to notify the League within ten days of the conflict will result in a default of the League game. 

12. Only the WRSL scheduler and WRSL Convener or their delegates are authorized to schedule or reschedule games for the League.

13. Any game(s) scheduled or rescheduled by team officials, clubs or persons not authorized per Rule 15.11 will be declared null and void. Teams participating in a game not authorized by the League will default all points from the game.


16. League Standings

1. The League Champion shall be the team that accumulates the greatest number of points, based on the formula of three (3) points for a win and one (1) point for a tie, in all games provided for by the WRSL schedule of that age group.

2. In the event of a tie in the standings for first place or relating to a promotion or relegation between two or more teams at the end of the regular season, the following criteria will be used to determine the League standings.     

i. If two teams tie, a game will be played to break the tie; if still tied at the end of regulation time, penalty kicks as per FIFA will be taken.

ii. If three or more teams tied, a round robin will be played and each game must have a winner, as per Rule 2 i) and the team with most points will be declared the champion. If the teams are still tied in points the team with the best goal difference (goal plus against goal minus) will be declared the winner.

iii. The Game(s) will be played on neutral field as decided by the League Executive.   

iv. Guest players will not be permitted to play in a League Playoff game.

3. If teams are tied for the same position in any part of final standings except for first place, the results between the teams will be determined by

(1) Head to Head Results                                      

(2) Most Wins

(3) Goal Difference – League Standings               

(4) Least goals against – League Standings

(5) Coin Toss


17. Promotion/Relegation

1. The WRSL shall be subject to Ontario Soccer procedures on Team Movement between the Amateur League Levels of the Pyramid for Play and promotion and relegation policies as contained within Ontario Soccer Procedures. There are several variable factors that will affect the alignment of these divisions: the previous year’s division size, teams entering the WRSL from the NRSL. For yearly specific adjustments to these Promotion and Relegation policies approved by the League Management Committee, refer to the Team Placement Chart.

2. Promotion & Relegation

i.)    The Districts will determine placement into the U14 Divisions.

ii.)   The League Policies will determine placement into the Under 15 – Under 21 Divisions

iii)   The following teams in each Youth District League shall be promoted into the WRSL:


The first placed team in EMDSL where applicable

The first placed team in SWDSL where applicable


3. Additional Team Promotion

i.)    If there is still a vacancy in a Division, the first relegated team will be provided the opportunity fill that vacancy.

ii)    If there is still a vacancy after following 3. i) the offer of promotion will be extended to the next Club(s) as long as the Club(s) was within six points of the last eligible Club to qualify for promotion.


18. Discipline             

Disciplinary action shall be taken in accordance with Ontario Soccer Operating Procedures, Section 12 and the WRSL Discipline Procedures. The following guidelines will apply:

1. In cases where Ontario Soccer Published policies provide for Discipline by Review (DBR), the accused player or Team/Club Official does not have to appear for a hearing. If the accused person does not request a hearing within seventy-two (72) hours of notice of discipline, not including weekends or statutory holidays, they will be found guilty and the applicable penalties and/or fines, established by Ontario Soccer for the offence for which they have been charged shall apply.

2. In the event the suspension is a Carry Over Suspension from one Outdoor Season to another or from Indoor Season to another, Ontario Soccer ID booklet must be taken a second time to the appropriate District Office to have the specified games recorded. These game numbers will be provided by the league once the appropriate new schedule is posted.

3. Any request for a hearing shall be submitted on the appropriate form and accompanied by a Hearing Fee as per Appendix “A”. The hearing fee shall be reimbursed only if the Discipline Panel finds the accused not guilty. An accused that has requested a hearing and fails to appear for the hearing shall forfeit the Hearing Fee.

      (This form is available on the web site.)

4. Where Ontario Soccer procedures provide for Discipline by Hearing (DBH), and where the League Management Committee has delegated to the WRSL the authority to handle all discipline pertaining to league activities, except where the offence was directed at a game official, the WRSL Board of Directors shall appoint a Discipline Committee or Panel to hold a hearing and deal with the alleged infractions. Calendar Dates will be posted on the WRSL web site.

5. Where disciplinary action results in a suspension, the suspension shall not commence prior to seven (7) calendar days from the issue of the notice of discipline. For example, a player issued with a suspension notice on Friday would serve the suspension for the game(s) SPECIFIED BY THE LEAGUE on or after the following Friday. This period will be reduced to one (1) day in August & September in an effort to reduce the number of carry over suspensions.

6. All suspensions including those from the Kick Off Cup, Ontario Cup and other Tournaments are not in effect until officially notified.

7. Failure of an accused player or Team Official to appear at a Disciplinary Hearing will result in the immediate suspension of the accused and fines as per APPENDIX A. The suspension will continue to be in effect until the accused appears before the Disciplinary Committee.

8. All youth players attending a Disciplinary Hearing must be accompanied by an adult who shall act as an advisor, failing which the hearing will not precede and the player shall be suspended until the hearing is held.

9.  Clubs shall ensure that accused players and Team/Club Officials appear for their Disciplinary Hearing. If upon being advised of the failure of the accused to appear for their hearing, the Club fails in meeting its responsibility within 30 days of the date of the original hearing, the fine specified in APPENDIX A shall be assessed against the Club.

10. Failure of a Club Representative to appear at a Disciplinary Hearing will result in a fine as specified in Appendix A.


19. Playing an Ineligible Player

1. Any club charged with playing an ineligible player in a game sanctioned by the League will be subject to a disciplinary hearing. Upon being found guilty, the team will forfeit all points in games in the league or kick off cup game in which the ineligible player participated and will be fined as per Appendix “A”.


An Ineligible Player is a Player who:

a) Playing while under suspension,

b) Playing without an international transfer,

c) Playing without having been re-instated from Professional to amateur,

d) Playing while not being properly registered,

e) Playing while not being registered to that team unless on a valid trial permit,

f) Playing in an age specific competition without the eligible age classification,

g) Playing up or playing as a guest player when ineligible to do so,

h) Playing after failing to produce physical Ontario Soccer Registrant Book or physical Ontario Soccer approved Identification Card when requested to do so.

2. Any team official(s) charged with playing ineligible players shall attend a discipline hearing and if found guilty shall be disciplined and fined as per Appendix “A.”

3. Any club charged with an ineligible team official in a game sanctioned by the league will be subject to a disciplinary hearing. Upon being found guilty, the team will forfeit all points in games in the League or Cup game in which the ineligible team official participated and will be fined as per Appendix “A”.


An Ineligible Team Official is a Team Official who:

i)   Not registered under Ontario Soccer Policies & Procedures

ii)  Registered under a false name

iii) Under Discipline Suspension

iv) Under a different name (Used card of another team official)

v)  Participated in a game without Ontario Soccer Registration Identification


20. Game Abandoned  

1. Clubs will be held responsible if a game is abandoned because of the actions of its players, officials or spectators and will be subject to disciplinary hearing, and will be fined as per Appendix “A” if found guilty.


21. Protests 

1. Protests based on decisions of the referee’s interpretation of FIFA Law will not be acknowledged.

2. Protests will be handled as per WRSL Rules and Regulations. The Protest must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary and to the opposing Club/Team within 72 hours of the game being terminated. A fee of $250.00 in cash or club cheque must be mailed with 7 (seven) days. Protests can only be heard if any rules of the WRSL or Ontario Soccer have been violated.

3. The WRSL will review protest and send response within 14 days (including weekends)

i)     If protest is ruled out of order – fee will be returned minus admin fee of $75.00

ii)   Hearing scheduled, if protest upheld fee will be returned

iii)   Hearing scheduled, if protest denied fee will be forfeited


22. Appeals

1. Any Discipline Hearing decisions of the League may be appealed to Ontario Soccer at the following address along with a cheque for $750.00 appeal fee.

Ontario Soccer

c/o Discipline and Appeals

7601 Martin Grove Rd.

Vaughan, Ontario L4L 9E4

2. Persons appealing a decision of the League Discipline Committee are subject to the decision rendered until the appeal has been deposed of.


23. Annual Meetings

Annual General Meeting

1. The WRSL Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held each year after December 1st.

2. Each Club is required to attend the WRSL AGM; non-attendance will result in a fine as per Appendix A.

3. All proposed amendments must be received by the WRSL in writing not less than forty-five days prior to the Annual General Meeting and/or a Special General Meeting.


Annual Coaches Meeting

1. The WRSL Annual Coaches Meeting will be held prior to the season. Club Contacts will be sent the details 30 days prior to meeting and details will be posted on website.  Each Club is required to have a representative attend the meeting. Each Team is required to have a representative attend the meeting. Each team must have a separate representative.  

     Non-attendance will result in a fine as per Appendix “A”.


Other Provisions

1. The office staff is not authorized to interpret League Rules and Regulations or to waive disciplinary fines for contravention of League Rules and Regulations without the consent of the Board of Directors. Excuses for non-compliance with League Rights and Responsibilities, including failure to appear for scheduled discipline hearings, will not be accepted unless previously authorized in writing by the Board of Directors.

2. The Executive of the WRSL at their Executive Meeting may modify, add or delete any Rules or Regulations for the betterment of the League. The clubs will be notified within 14 days of any changes.

3. Any matter not covered by the League Constitution and/or Rules and Regulations, shall be governed by the provisions of Ontario Soccer Operating Procedures. 



1. Each club will post a bond of Three hundred dollars (300.00) at the time League fees are due.  The bond will be returned minus any outstanding charges when a Club is no longer a member of the League.

2. The Board may request an additional bond from any clubs who have had excessive amounts of Discipline in the previous season.

3. WRSL reserves the right to hold a hearing, for any Club, Team Officials or Player who does not abide by the WRSL Rules & Regulations and Ontario Soccer Operating Procedures.


December 2021




League Fees:

Per Team                                                                                                                     $600.00

Bond per Club                                                                                                             $300.00

Payable to League on or before January 31st 


Late Registration Fee:

Applicable per team for Regional after January 31st  will incur a late fee.                    $600.00


Discipline Fees:

First League Game No Show by Team (Rule 7.5)                                                      $300.00

Second League Game No Show by Team (Rule 7.5)                                                  $500.00

Any team missing a second game will be removed from the League and all games played by this team will be null and void.


Ejection                                                                                                                       $50.00

Three Cautions                                                                                                            $25.00

Team Official Removal                                                                                               $100.00

Game Protest Fee:                                                                                                     $250.00

Hearing Fees: 

Request of Discipline by Hearing                                                                               $50.00

Request of Hearing for No Show *(All)                                                                     $75.00


Request to reschedule a Hearing                                                                             $75.00



Failure to follow published rules Ontario Soccer Discipline Section 12

  • Code of Conduct  
  • WRSL rules


Home Club Responsibility (Rule 8)                                                                            $75.00

Team Responsibility (Rule 7.1 to 7.8 except 7.5)                                                        $200.00

Team Regulations (Rule 5.2, 5.5 & 5.6)                                                                      $200.00

Game Abandoned (Rule 20)                                                                                       $200.00

Club Representative no show                                                                                      $200.00

Game Result not reported (Rule 7.9)                                                                           $50.00 

Team Officials (Rule 6.3, 6.4 & 6.5)                                                                           $50.00

Non-attendance at Annual or Special General Meeting                                               $200.00

Non-attendance at Coaches Meeting                                                                           $200.00

Game Change (15.4 & 15.5)                                                                                       $100.00

Game Rescheduled (15.6)      $100.00

Non-Payment of Accounts within stipulated time                                                       $100.00


All payments must be cash, club cheque or money order, payable to the WRSL

All payable to the League within 21 Days:


Accumulation of Cards:                                                                                              

In the event a team accumulates a total of:

1. Four (4) Dismissals (Red Cards); or                                  

2. Eight (8) Cautions (Yellow Cards); Or

3. A Combination of Ten Discipline Reports (Red or Yellow Cards)

The Management of that team may be required to attend a discipline hearing of the league. If brought before the League there will be an appearance fee charge payable by the team, and the team may be subject to further discipline.

In the event a team withdraws from the League:

1. Club registering a team and pulling the team from the league prior to March 1 will forfeit the League fee.

2. Pulling a team from March 1 to May 15, such clubs will forfeit its League fee and will be subject to a fine of $ 300.00

3. After May 16, the club will forfeit the League fee and will be subject to a fine of $1,000.00

All Payments must be cash, club cheque or money order, payable to the WRSL

All Fees and Fines are due within 21 days. Clubs are responsible for all fees and fines. Clubs not paying fees or fines within the stipulated time will be declared not in good standing and their District Association and Ontario Soccer will be notified.


Game Officials Fees:

Age Division                           Referee            Assistant Referee (x2)

U-14                                        $55                              $40 

U-15                                        $60                              $45

U-16                                        $60                              $45

U-17                                        $65                              $45

U-18                                        $65                              $45

U-21                                        $70                              $50


The home team must pay the game fees to the official prior to the start of the game.

The home team must provide the referee with a WRSL addressed envelope.



Referee fees for scheduled games where kick-off does not take place.

The referee and assistant referees shall be paid a half-game fee for games that are not started due to the following situations:

The field, in referee’s discretion, is unplayable.

The town’s parks department closes the field prior to kick-off.

The District Referee Coordinator or the DRC designate did NOT personally contact the referee at least one hour prior to scheduled kick-off of the game.

One or both teams do not show up after the grace period has lapsed.

One or both teams have less than the minimum number of players required to start the game.

The home team will pay the half fee.

The half-game fee noted above shall be paid only if:

1.  The referee collects and completes the game sheet(s) and provides a short-written report explaining why the game did not start.

2.  The appointed referee and assistant referees, who were present at the field, shall include their names, Ontario Soccer Registrant Number and signature(s) in the space provided on the game sheet(s).

3.  Hand a fully completed and signed copy of the game sheet(s) to the coach/manager of the team(s) that is/are present.

4.  Forward the fully completed and signed original to the WRSL office within 48 hours.

December 2021


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