Men U18-21

1Waterloo United 00B129122891928
2Kitchener Spirit A 00B1264226101622
3Huron United1271432211122
4Guelph Jr. Gryphons Red 00B124622619718
5Orangeville Storm123181325-1210
6Cambridge United - M122371329-169
7Kitchener Spirit 122281035-258

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1Bashar THAYABEHWaterloo United 00B9
2Drew COBEANHuron United9
3Lewis (Trev) SYLVANOKitchener Spirit A 00B8
4Cameron WHITEOrangeville Storm6
5Adam CARTYWaterloo United 00B5
6Christopher COADYHuron United5
7John BROUSSEAUGuelph Jr. Gryphons Red 00B5
8Joseph RASOGuelph Jr. Gryphons Red 00B5
9Tyresse GRIFFITHKitchener Spirit 5
10Gavin CORTESWaterloo United 00B4

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Noah Lalonde Kitchener Spirit A 00B4
2Philip GRAMMENOSWaterloo United 00B4
3Connor COSGROVEGuelph Jr. Gryphons Red 00B2
4Erik LANTINKKitchener Spirit 2
5Kyle THOMSONOrangeville Storm2
6Gabriel SANDOVALKitchener Spirit A 00B1
7Kyle HUNTERHuron United1
8Ryan KRAEMERKitchener Spirit A 00B1

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Boys U13 Inter District
Guelph0 - 1 Norwest
Cambridge2 - 3 Kitchener
London Youth4 - 3 Windsor

Boys U15
Kitchener1 - 12 Waterloo RM
Waterloo WS1 - 7 London Youth

Boys U16
Kitchener4 - 1 Rockwood FC
Waterloo2 - 1 London Youth

Girls U13 Inter District
Oakridge1 - 2 Cambridge
Waterloo4 - 0 London Youth

Girls U14
Sarnia Girls5 - 6 Rockwood FC

Girls U15
London Youth2 - 1 Waterloo

Girls U16
London Youth0 - 6 Kitchener

Men U18-21
Waterloo0 - 1 Guelph
Kitchener1 - 1 Huron United
Cambridge0 - 1 Orangeville

Women U21
Oakridge3 - 0 London Youth
Cambridge0 - 1 Owen Sound
Stratford0 - 0 Southend


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